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Fyodor Golan-要创意还是要利益?

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Fyodor Golan-要创意还是要利益?

Fyodor Golan

提起大与小,我们一定会想到Roald Dahl的经典作品Matilda,小说主人公的父亲因自恃年长、身材魁梧而盛气凌人,他一味否定女儿眼中的正义,觉得她一无所知,无论做什么都是错的。

When we think of big Vs small, we think of Roald Dahl’s marvellous creation, Matilda, where she confronts her crook like father making her feel inadequate and belittles any sense of righteousness she feels, as though because she is smaller in size and younger in age to him, she is wrong and knows nothing.

“我是对的,你是错的,我是大人,你是小孩,你能拿我怎么办。” ― Roald Dahl, Matilda

“I'm right and you're wrong, I'm big and you're small, and there's nothing you can do about it.”― Roald Dahl, Matilda

Moschino的2018春夏系列与3年前 Fyodor Golan推出的《小马宝莉》(My Little Pony)系列如出一辙。并不是说要否定在原创基础上的翻新,毕竟灵感来源于方方面面,追根溯源都是别人的成果,但问题是大家居然都没发现。

Moschino’s ss18 collection sees a repeat of what Fyodor Golan did three years ago when they teamed up with My Little Pony. Not saying that a repeat or a revamp of an original idea is wrong, after all we are all inspired by different ideas and often those belonging to others, but questioning how this has gone unnoticed.

Fyodord Golan

Moschino采用《小马宝莉》的做法还被打上了原创的标签,各大头条都是“Moschino引领《小马宝莉》走上高街时尚”。也许只有少数人才知道该合作系列早在2015年秋冬时装周上就被Fyodor Golan秀过了……非常相似甚至可以说是一模一样了。

Moschino’s decision to use My Little Pony has been labelled as ingenuous with tabloids stating ‘Moschino has just made ‘My Little Pony’ high fashion’ . Only a few may be aware that this very collaboration was done in AW15 by Fyodor Golan… a very similar almost identical one.

Fyodor Golan的创意作品迅速变为Moschino的敛财法宝,对于时尚界来说这很正常,也可以理解为“适者生存”,零售巨头需要模仿那些新鲜有趣的创意,来保持竞争力、拉动销量。再扯远点,很多像Forever21, H&M这样的快时尚零售巨头,每年都会预存几百万的备用金,因为他们知道抄袭其他设计师的作品很可能就会吃官司,然而就算被起诉,赔的钱也远远低于抄袭后赚来的盈利。

Indeed, Fyodor Golan’s creative originality quickly turns into Moschino’s commercial gain, this is a very common thing in this industry, also interpreted as “survival of the fittest” where retail branded giants are in need of copying strong and fresh creative souls in order to remain on top whilst continuing to drive sales. To go further, many fast fashion retail giants such as Forever21, H&M, etc. even have a yearly budget stashed away as they know they’ll probably get sued several millions for copying other designers, however the potential return on investment for that copied item may well out way the small costs of getting sued by these companies.

The Marginalist and Fyodor Golan- SFW


最近,我们有幸采访到了Fyodor Golan的鬼马设计师Fyodor Podgorny和Golan Frydman,当被问到如何看待Jeremy Scott(Moschino创意总监)抄袭了他们My Little Pony的创意时,他俩谦虚地一笑而过。虽说这个问题没有得到正面的回应,但我们还是很愉快地谈论了其他关于商务、时尚和生活方式的话题。

We recently interviewed Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, the fabulous duo that make Fyodor Golan, and when asked what their thoughts were on Jeremy Scott copying their My Little Pony idea, they both laughed and humbly did not comment on the matter. Fair to say our question remains unanswered, but it was definitely a lovely time with the pair discussing all things business, fashion, and lifestyle.






Sat patiently waiting for us to arrive, in a historical building by the bund on a wet and rainy afternoon, Fyodor and Golan were an absolute pleasure from the moment we met. The quirky pair dressed like the boys next door created a comforting environment, taking away any awkwardness a Q&A sessions can bring.


The fashion heroes are well known for collaborating many iconic household brands such as Nokia, Microsoft, Transformers, My Little Pony, Power Puff Girls, and Coca Cola, and when asked how this had taken place, we were in for a real wave of how the brand grew to be who they are today.

一切都源于3年前的某个工作日,设计师忽然茅塞顿开,觉得与《小马宝莉》合作一定很惊艳!第二天一早,他俩就联系上《小马宝莉》的负责人,对方也是欣喜若狂,剩下的自然交给时间去解决啦。事实证明此次合作取得了巨大成功,他们的服装在Selfridges百货、Harvey Nichols百货以及Luisa Via Roma电商上都有热卖。

It so happened that 3 years ago, whilst designing a collection it dawned upon them that a collaboration with My Little Pony would be AmAzing. Following morning, they picked up the phone and called through to My Little Pony who were ecstatic with the news, and the rest is history. It proved a huge success, stocked in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Luisa Via Roma etc.


Soon after they were approached by Transformers.

FG X Transformers


“As a child, I was a massive fan of My Little Pony’ said Golan loud and proud, and ‘Fyodor was a massive fan of Transformers.”


“After this, everything just snowboarded, Coca cola wanted to work with us!”

FG X CocaCola

FG X PowerPuff Girls


Their collaboration with the Power Puff Girls was motivated by the episode Buttercup, ‘Don’t call me Princess’, screaming female empowerment and putting an end to gender discrimination. The collab was launched during the Women’s march in America making the timing and impact all the more poignant.



‘The first season we were discovered in China, everyone was fighting over who could have us, it was so invigorating!’ they both exclaimed. After a quick holiday to enjoy the city without any business involved, they then entered Shanghai Fashion Week a few months later for their first visit to the eclectic city.

FG X Post It


Their SS18 collection brings a collaborating with Chupa Chups, and combine works from AW17 and SS17.

FG X Chupa Chups


“Unlike Europe, the Chinese market is not afraid to personalise and mix their collection with other brands, something quite unheard of in Europe” they both explained in admiration. ‘No one is just 2 dimensional, we need people that are not afraid to mix a little romance with something extremely masculine, so express yourself.’

Rihanna in FG for Samsung

你也许听说过工作与生活不能混为一谈,但能完美处理好工作与生活关系的非Fyodor Golan莫属啦。

You may have heard the term work life balance been thrown about, but one couple far away from this equilibrium are Fyodor Golan.


Working together as partners, and living together as romantic ones, sometimes it can be hard to know where your personal life ends and where professional work begins, they wake up speaking business, talk business at work and then continue to talk about business around the dining table, it is inevitable that arguments will occur, often big enough that they go their separate ways and then reconcile hours or days later.


It was clear to see that they are quite old school when finding inspirations for their collections, lovers of exhibitions which living in London is a great way to explore ideas. They also enjoy the cinema, and films are a huge driver behind their thoughts, and help provoke ideas. ‘I am Latvian and Golan is from Israel’ said Fyodor, ‘we both come from different backgrounds so politically our ideas will often blend together too’.


There is not anything that will not inspire them but most of it comes from exhibitions, films, cultural backgrounds and most importantly valuing an individual for who they are, and always being curious to find out more.


‘What three words describe your brand? ‘.. ‘Definitely expressive, rainbow and digital romanticism. ‘.. ‘What is digital romanticism?


It’s a term we invented because we and our clients are very digital. The colours are digital, and the materials are too, but there’s also romanticism. It is someone very connected, modern but very cultural, who wants to preserve the world and look after animals.’


和大家一样,我们也很好奇Fyodor Golan的幕后生活是怎样的,是不是像绝大多数设计师一样铺张浪费,是否在奢华的伦敦有私人豪车接送?

As most of us are curious of what happens behind the scenes, we wanted to know more about Fyodor Golan’s lifestyle, is it as lavish as stereotyped for all designers, living in luxury London with a private chauffeur to take them around?


The truth seemed to be far from this! They ensure they have a healthy and balanced lifestyle by walking to their studio as well as drinking and eating fresh produce. It is important to them they do not over consume, and be environmentally friendly where possible, they’ve stopped working with fur and are now cutting out leather slowly from their designs.


The apartment has mostly been built up by them; Fyodor proudly described how he built the bookshelf and dining table from scratch, and the mirror was from an antique store. Seems like Fyodor may have a furniture collection coming out soon?


‘I hope not, I would go crazy from all the mess and noise it brings’, laughed Golan.


The couples’ fave spots in London are:

· Curzon cinema

· Padella- Italian restaurant

· Hampstead Heath Park

· Wallice collection

· Selfridges

· Somerset house


Our interview started off exploring if one’s creativity is being used for another’s commercial gain, and whether it has anything to do with your presence in the industry and ability to globalise. It seems evident from speaking with Fyodor and Golan that they enjoy what they do, and they do it because they feel a sense of achievement and pride from creating imaginative collections to be experimented with by people.


Real fashion enthusiasts know who really made My Little Pony ‘high fashion’ first.

撰文:Abithaa Santhiramathavan 编辑:Yanie Durocher

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Article is original and created by Abithaa Santhiramathavan, edited by Yanie Durocher

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